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Sippin' Pretty
Wine Tasting

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Wine Glasses Hanging from Rack

Our Story

"Sippin' Pretty" began in 2019 when my daughter and I decided to learn more about wine by taking a Level 1 Wine & Spirit Education Trust course. We both love wine, and teaching, so it came naturally to us that we needed to pass this wine information on to others! Jacqueline has been providing home pairings and lessons for over 2 years.
I retired from teaching when covid hit and quickly realized that I needed a hobby.  The 1927 home in our yard was sitting empty and my husband wouldn't knock it down, so what to do with my full-sized she-shed?  I'm not very crafty and my only hobby is taking wine courses so all I could think of to do with the house was to give "Sippin' Pretty" a home base. Jacqueline and I spent a year researching the history of the house and the people that lived there. We took the house back to its original 1920's look and learned all about Jim and Jean Chevraux who had built the house. It turns out the Grandma Jean had been quite the flapper girl! We found her hair crimper, her hockey skates, and her furs!  In honour of her, the house became a Speakeasy! 
I took a Level 2 WSET course and a wine and food pairing course. I love wine and I love teaching so offering wine courses seemed the natural thing to do in our 1920's House.
When we think wine, we think of evenings with friends, of meals enhanced by the perfect bottle, and of celebrations. 
But purchasing wine can be daunting! Today's wine shelves are full of many bottles, unlike when I was a teenager and "Strawberry Angel" or "Lonesome Charlie" were Canada's only choices!  There are so many varieties and styles that it is hard to know which to choose.
At "Sippin' Pretty"  we will teach you the differences between the grapes, between the methods & techniques of winemaking, and between Old World and New World wines. We will help take the guesswork out of buying wine and let you buy the perfect wine for pairing with tonight's supper, even if it's pizza!
We are running 6 different classes for you to choose from.
But seating is limited so please call ahead.
Of course, we will still be offering our "Home Parties" where you can enjoy the tasting in your own home.
But if you want to attend our 1920's Speakeasy, please give us a follow on instagram or Facebook so you know about the special events!

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Our Classes

We will teach you the basics of wine tasting and food pairing. Each package has a minimum of 10 ounces of wine. Our kitchen is Gluten-free!

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Wine & A Board

3 - 2 oz. glasses of: 
1 Sparkling
2 White
3 - 3 oz glasses of Red.
A Charcuterie Board
with Shrimp Ceviche
90 minutes of instruction.
$45.00 per person

Pasta Package

3 - 2oz glasses of white wine
3 - 3 oz. glasses of red wine
Meat & Cheese Board
Cup of Seafood Fettuccini OR Bacon Gruyere Penne 
90 minutes of instruction
$53.00 per person

wine of month.jpeg

Sparkling & Fortified Wine

5 - 2 oz. glasses of wine
1 Champagne
1 Canadian Sparkling
1 Cava
1 Prosecco
1 Port
A Chocolate & Sweets Board
90 minutes of instruction.
$50.00 per person

Vini d'Italia

Spend an evening tasting some of the best wines from Italy.  All the wines being sampled have scored over 85 points by the Master Sommeliers.  Learn how to read an Italian wine label and what to pair with your amazing vino!
2 oz tasting of Prosecco
2 oz tasting of Pinot Grigio
3 oz tasting of Chianti Classico
3 oz tasting of Amarone della Velipolicella
3 oz tasting of Montepulciano d'Abruzzo
Charcuterie Board
$55.00 per person


Sip, Sip, Rose

4 - 2 oz. glasses of Rose'
Board with Rose wine jelly & Salmon with Saskatoon Berry Sauce
60 minutes of instruction.
$40.00 per person

Vins de France

2 oz. glasses of:
3 oz glasses of
Cotes du Rhone
Beef Pot Pie
90 minutes of instruction.
$55.00 per person

white wine.jpeg
winetasting book club.jpeg

White Wine Comparison

6 - 2 oz. glasses of wine
1 Pinot Gris 
1 Pinot Grigio
1 unoaked Chardonnay
1 oaked Chardonnay
1 French Sauvignon Blanc
1 New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc
Cheese Board
90 minutes of instruction.
$40.00 per person

Home Tastings

We will still be offering our home tasting parties. You choose the wines and we help you decide which meats & cheeses to buy.
2 hours of fun with wine in the comfort of your own home.
$150.00 - $200.00 depending on size of the group plus the cost of wine & meat & cheese pairings.

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Contact Us

14118-442 Township Road
Killam, Alberta


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Visit Us

Thursdays & Fridays 
4:00pm - 6:00pm

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Upcoming Events

Don’t Miss out on All the Fun


Okanagan Wineries Tasting Class

Thursday, March 23 at 7:00pm

6 - 2 oz. glasses of wine
1 Sparkling 
1 Gruner Veltliner
1 oaked Chardonnay
1 Pinot Noir
1 Meritage
1 Cabernet Franc
Shrimp Ceviche
Charcuterie Board
90 minutes of instruction.
$52.00 per person

Valentine's Dinner.jpg

Valentine's Dinner

February 14

Sippin'Pretty is excited to partner with the Wooden Spoon in Sedgewick to host Valentine's Dinner, a wonderful Italian meal paired with Italian wines.  Call The Wooden Spoon to Book!

Red Wine Tasting

Reds from Around the Globe

March 2 & 3rd at 7:00pm

A Pinot Noir from Burgundy, France

A Rioja from Spain

A Merlot from British Columbia

A Malbec from Argentina

A Carmeniere from Chile

A Shiraz from Australia

Charcuterie Board

$48.00 per person

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